What To Pack For Labour In The Hospital

What To Pack For Birth In The Hospital

What To Pack For Labour In The HospitalWhen I help many of my clients from the car to the hospital delivery room they often bring a lot of luggage. Honestly, most of it won’t get used!

Pack light and efficient, you don’t want to have to worry about all your luggage and dragging it from triage to the delivery room to the postpartum room. The rooms can be very small and difficult to find space to keep the luggage.

What to pack for birth in the hospital

  1. Please bring at least 2 copies of your birth plan one for your midwife or delivery nurse and one for the Resident or OBGYN.
  2. If you are planning a homebirth it’s always a good idea to pack a small bag for you and baby if you need to spend sometime at the hospital.
  3. Pillows! The hospital will supply you with a small flat pillow if there happens to be one in the delivery room. Please bring your own pillow and put a colourful pillow case on it so its not confused with the hospital pillows.
  4. Slippers, or crocs, flip flops and cozy socks.
  5. Nursing bra, loose clothing,
  6. Hair brush and hair ties and clips for hair
  7. You want something that is easily slipped on something for the shower and warm for overnights it can be chilly in the hospital at night.
  8. Big sweater, or sweater coat something easy to wrap around you or pull over your head to keep you warm.
  9. Lip Balm is a must! The hospital is super dry and your lips will surely crack without balm especially in the winter.
  10. Snacks. During labour you should nibble on something easily digestible for energy, instant miso soup, granola bars, fruit or fruit cups and honey sticks are excellent for energy. The hospital will have water and juice for you.
  11. Your TENS machine! I can supply you with a TENS machine as a labour support doula don’t forget the electrodes too!
  12. Tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, moisturizing cream, lip gloss if you are wanting to brighten yourself up.
  13. Ipod, or Ipad, Iphone for listening to your hypnobirthing affirmations or relaxing musi

Don’t forget to pack the following for your partner:

Clean pair of underpants, T-Shirt, warm sweater or jacket, phone recharger, snacks and drinks, toothbrush

Now for your new little one: 

  • An infant car seat. Some hospitals won’t let you leave by car without one.
  • One outfit for the trip home (all-in-one stretchy outfits are easiest).
  • Two or three sleepers for baby to wear while you are in hospital.
  • Baby blanket. Take a warm one if the weather is cold.
  • Diapers
  • One pair of socks or booties.
  • Hat
  • Jacket or snowsuit for winter babies.
  • Burp cloths or receiving blankets

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