Toronto Baby Shopping Guide: Must-Haves for Your New Baby

toronto baby shopping guide

Toronto Baby Shopping Guide for Your Newborn:

There is always a lot of thought spent on what to buy for your new baby, it’s exciting but can also be stressful. There is so much to choose from and everyone has an opinion on what to buy and what is the best. Since I have been working with newborns for 10 years as a Toronto Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula I have great understanding of what is actually needed.

For starters parents typically begin with decorating the nursery and assembling the crib but in actuality this room will be the last place your baby will hang out. The realistic expectation is to have your newborn in YOUR bedroom either in your bed, or in a bassinette.

These are some great newborn items that will make the transition with your baby much easier:

  1. The Sleep Belt: This is a local Toronto company that understand the realistic¬†expectations of a newborn and that is it’s impossible to put them down! So why not feel safe with them sleeping on you with this comfortable and safe device.
  2. DockATot: This product is expensive but well worth the money. My clients boast about the better sleep they and the baby are receiving with this contraption in their bed. I love it because it gets babies close to parents so they can hear and see babies cues for feeding.
  3. Maman Kangourou baby carrier: Your newborn needs to be held but sometimes parents need to do things so why not hold your baby while being hands free? This baby carrier company is proudly Canadian and their products range from slings, to wraps.
  4. BabyBjorn Bouncer: Having a safe place to sit your baby down is very important. Whether you need to take a shower or place your baby upright directly after a feed to prevent spitting up this bouncer will make your life much easier. It fits anywhere and easy to move.
  5. mamRoo infant swing: This is another hefty purchase but again worth its weight in gold. ‘It’s incredibly soothing for your baby and gives you time to eat! A quick nap in this swing and your baby will be happy!

How to Wear Your Sleepbelt

Tip: Always ask your friends and family if they have these items and can either lend or give to you. Baby products are pricey but these items are worth it for your sanity. Also add these items to your baby registry your friends and family can buy it for you!

Kelly Maslen is a Toronto Birth Doula working as a pregnancy and newborn specialist for 10 years. To learn more about her please go to

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