5 Reasons a Rebozo During Labour is Important


Kelly Maslen has been supporting families as a Toronto birth doula for 14 years to learn more about her services please visit www.kellymaslen.com

The rebozo is a tightly woven traditional Mexican shawl approximately 5 feet in length and is used during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Its is an excellent tool for many reasons. The most popular way of using a rebozo is during labour to help alleviate discomfort and encourage optimal baby positioning. Here are 5 reasons why a Rebozo at your birth is so important:

1. It is very gentle on mom and baby and is used as a non invasive technique to relieve discomfort and to move baby.

2. The rebozo when used correctly can be relaxing and nurturing to a labouring mom it can relieve tension in the hips, bottom, legs and back area.

3. The gentle belly sifting with the rebozo feels very calming and rebozo belly massage can relieve uterine ligament tension during pregnancy and labor. The gentle jiggle between contractions can relax tense muscles and help mom feel grounded.

4. After childbirth, the rebozo can be used to wrap the baby to the mother for bonding and give the new mother the ability to be hands free while baby is still skin to skin.

5. Many doulas are being trained in rebozo support for labouring mothers and really encourage the partner to be involved during labour so that they both can connect, bond and communicate with each other.

Kelly Maslen is a birth and postpartum doula she has been using a rebozo in her work for many years with great success. To learn more about Kelly Maslen and birth doula packages please see this link.


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