Praise for Kelly MaslenPraise from happy clients

Pregnancy, whether it’s your first or your fifth, can add a lot of items to your to-do list. There are some things you might want to save time and money on, like registering your baby shower items online and getting basic bodysuits on sale. But when you’re talking about a momentous occasion in your life and bringing a beautiful and healthy human being into the world, taking the time to do so in the best way you can is worth that time and money. 

My second child was born with Kelly Maslen by my side. Although I had been through labour before, I told myself after the joys and work I put into pregnancy, I deserve the best birth story my body allowed. This meant having the best team possible to assist me and take care of me. Kelly was my answer. Her resources and experience taught me new things that helped to prepare me mentally and physically before the onset of labour. And once that day came, she was the first person I called and the first to arrive. She has a natural talent to calm and focus me; she reminded me to listen to my body while using her techniques to touch pressure points thus alleviating my stress. I felt supported in a way only a woman can offer, an understanding of what I was going through. 

The result was a wonderful experience I’ll never forget and a beautiful baby she helped bring into the world. For that, I’m grateful for her and recommend her to all the women in my life going through the same journey. ~Jenna Lam

We’ve told everyone that you were a big part of keeping us calm and us having an amazing labour experience. We will continue to recommend you! We’re doing well! Isabella is growing so much and gaining weight nicely (she’s over 9lbs!) It makes me so happy and proud to be able to provide her with milk to help her grow.  She was two months on Monday. She’s laughing and smiling a lot, loves looking around and being around people. It’s really amazing. And the best part she’s been sleeping through the night for at least 6 hours and even gave us a few 8-hour stretches this week. ~ Odarka Cruz


Irwin and I wanted to send a note to thank you again for all your amazing support and coaching during my labour.

We are so glad we were connected and could not have asked for anything more in our doula support person. We are so thankful for our natural birthing experience and feel that you were a huge part of making it happen, both through our prep sessions and most importantly during labor.

We’re absolutely loving being new parents and your breastfeeding coaching helped A LOT with getting me on track. My feedings are so much more efficient (and shorter, less painful) now and I’m consistently able to get him feeding without stress or fussing.

Thank you again – we will absolutely recommend you to anyone we hear looking for a great doula. Just let us know if there’s anything we can do to help spread the word! ~Elissa & Irwin