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Birth Pool Rental Toronto

Why choose Birth Pool in a Box?

Birth pool birth tub in a box

Birth Pool in a Box Toronto makes it possible for all women to experience the benefits of using water for their births. Immersion in a large pool of water is proven to make labours faster and easier. This type of birthing tub is easy to setup, easy to use and comfortable. We aim to provide the most comfortable and safest birthing pool and birthing tubs at a reasonable price.

Choose Birth Pool in a Box because it:

  1. Is fantastically comfortable and welcoming
  2. Has handles in all the right places
  3. Has a built-in seat (regular model) for bonding with baby after birth
  4. Is a snap to clean up with its included disposable liner
  5. Has a size that is right for you and your place of birth
  6. Can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers
  7. Is certified by medical device regulators in Europe and the USA
  8. Is #1: over 8,000 babies per year are born in a birth pool in a box

 Your Birthing Pool rental includes Everything you need:

  • Birth Tub for 2 weeks before due date and up to 2 weeks after due date (due 3 days after baby is born)
  • New liner that fits in the birth tub like a glove
  • Air pump to blow-up the tub
  • Water pump for draining
  • Filling hose
  • Hose adaptors for filling
  • Instructions and information about water birth benefits and safety

The only inflatable birthing pool I wholeheartedly recommend.- Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, Founder of Waterbirth International and World-Renowned Waterbirth Consultant

Rental cost is: $220.00
Delivery to Toronto and GTA is available at a cost of $40 each way. (Delivery before birth and pick-up after birth).  If you pick-up and deliver your tub, there is no additional cost. Whether you’re choosing to birth your baby in the tub at home, or simply use it for comfort in labor before you go to the hospital, you will love the relief water can provide you. If you’re ready to book now, please fill out the form or contact us right away! Tubs are booked weeks in advance, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. To find out more about our tub rentals or to book yours today, call us at: 416 912 0754. Contact us for pickup and drop off dates and times.

Birth pool rental toronto

Birth Pool in a Box Regular  
Shape Ellipsoid (Egg)
External max dimensions 76 x 65″
193 x 165cm
Internal max dimensions 56 x 45″
142 x 114cm
Internal depth 26″
Max. Water Depth 22″ (55 cm)
Rim width 10″
Built-in seat Yes
Disposable liner One included
Additional $32
Internal Seat Yes
Handles on Outside 4
Handles on Top 2
Max suggested height of mother 6’0″
Water Capacity – 80% full 172 gallons
650 liters
Water Capacity – 90% full 193 gallons
730 liters
Weight when filled (add weight of mother) 1433 lbs
Unfilled Weight 14.3 lbs
6.5 kg
Pool Material Pool: 0.38mm PVC
Form-fitted disposable liner material Liner: 0.20mm PVC

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