How To Help Prevent Group B Strep In Pregnancy

What is GBS?

How To Help Prevent Group B Strep In Pregnancy

What is GBS?

Group B streptococcus, or group B strep, is a bacterium that can cause a threatening infection in newborns. Pregnant women can transmit group B strep to their newborns at birth. Group B strep is the most common cause of blood infections and meningitis in newborns. Most cases of group B strep disease in newborns can be prevented by giving certain pregnant women antibiotics during labor or to prevent GBS a naturopathic protocol.

What Kinds of Illnesses Does Group B Strep Cause?

In newborns, group B strep is the most common cause of sepsis (infection of the bloodstream) and meningitis (infection of the lining and fluid surrounding the brain) and a common cause of pneumonia. Group B strep disease in newborns usually occurs in the first week of life (“early- onset”). Babies can also get a slightly less serious “late-onset” form of group B strep disease that develops a week to a few months after birth.

Group B Strep In PregnancyHow to Help Prevent Group B Strep In Pregnancy

Please note that this simple protocol is designed for prevention not treatment. If you test positive for vaginal Strep B infection please seek medical advice from your primary care provider (midwife, OB, or GP) and a Naturopathic Doctor who will suggest to you an appropriate protocol and monitor its effectiveness.

  1. Perineal rinse with tea tree drops diluted in water for about 10 days preceding the test.
  2. Supplement with healthy bacteria. Lactobacillus capsules are lactobacillus vaginal suppositories are available in health food stores. Take two capsules with each meal and use a vaginal suppository every night for 12 nights before your Group B test.
  3. Boost Vitamin C in your diet e.g. eat 2 grapefruits a day. Other good sources of Vitamin C: red peppers, oranges, and kiwi fruit. Consider supplementing 3000mg of vitamin C a day.
  4. Drink a cup of Echinacea tea each day. Alternatively 30 drops 3 times a day of Echinacea tincture could be taken.
  5. Supplement with Bee Propolis (available at health food stores – dose as directed on label).
  6. Get a 1-hour walk every single day. This invigorates the immune system and gets your lymphatic system activated. You lymphatic system is vital in healthy immune function.
  7. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises are good to perform morning and evening, again, to oxygenate the blood, and invigorate the immune system. All of these simple techniques will help boost immunity. They seem simple, but they are very effective. If you have a past history of chronic vaginal yeast infections, chronic antibiotic usage for acne or other bacterial infections, gonorrhoea, cervical dysplasia or genital herpes I have found clinically that you may be more susceptible to an overgrowth of Strep B because the normal flora in your vaginal canal is probably depleted and disrupted by creating an imbalance in normal healthy bacteria. If you fit into this category you want to pay special attention to doing this protocol in its entirety. You may also want to seek Naturopathic advice from a Naturopathic Doctor around a more in-depth individualized program of Prevention Plus Treatment for healthy vaginal flora.

For more information or to contact a doula for support please call kellymaslen.

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