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On October 28th I have the pleasure of being a presenter at the 4th Trimesters pregnancy and postpartum conference!

This is the first conference for 4 Trimesters and showcasing some of the leading pregnancy and postpartum experts in Toronto including myself Kelly Maslen birth doula and nutritionist. This conference aims to support and empower families in Toronto. Please join us if you are trying to conceive, expecting a child or caring for a newborn, this conference is presented for parents to connect and be given resources for their specific needs.

The “fourth trimester” is another way to describe the first month of a newborn’s life. The baby is small and vulnerable needs to be kept close, warm and fed similar like in the womb. During this fourth trimester parents are exhausted, excited and often conflicted with information about their newborn they too need extra nurturing and support.

When you decide to join us on October 28th you will interact with other parents, learn from a variety of practitioners in Toronto such as doulas, nutritionists, infant sleep educators, naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, and postpartum therapists with many more! The participants are in exactly the same place as you on your reproductive journey.

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