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Postpartum Doula Care

Toronto Postpartum Doula PackageThe first days and weeks postpartum are a precious time, full of learning and growth along with physical healing. Often parents plan for birth by buying all the baby gear, painting the baby room or having baby showers. Once you are home with your newborn, then what? Diapers, feeding, sleepless nights, forgetting to eat, recovery from birth… Let us help you ease into parenthood and allow our experts to give you the most up to date information and support.

We tailor our Postpartum Doula Care to your needs. Options include:

  • Emotional support for both parents, including self-care and postpartum depression, and tips for adjusting to parenthood.
  • Baby Care Support – bathing, diapers, infant massage, feeding, soothing.
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Meal Preparation, grocery shopping or small errands.
  • Light household chores such as dishes and baby laundry
  • Education and resources on infant development
  • Specialty support for women that experienced a cesarean section
  • Hospital support if your baby or babies are in NICU
  • How to create healthy sleep habits for baby
  • ABOVE ALL, our presence, and support will provide reassurance, confidence & perspective to you as new parents in this precious time.

Hourly Postpartum Care:  Cost between $45-$50/hour depending on our package.

Get the support you need with hourly postpartum support at $50/hour. Contact us to create a custom postpartum support package to meet your unique needs.  Our minimum postpartum doula services package is 3 hours for 1 day a week.

Consider Placenta Encapsulation as a complement to your Postpartum Doula Care package. These dried placenta capsules offer extra support to your physical and emotional wellbeing postpartum with a boost in your energy and mood.

Package #1: Cost $450

After your baby is born, enjoy 9 hours of Postpartum Doula Care in your home. Ideal for the first couple of weeks of parenting transition. It’s essential to have the right support for you and your family.

Package #2: Cost $575

Enjoy 12 hours of Postpartum Doula Care in your home. This package is the perfect ease for parents that may have just had or expecting their first, second or third baby.

Package #3:  Cost $720

Imagine a full 3 weeks of postpartum support, allowing you to truly nurture your new family with the loving care you all deserve in this precious time. This package includes 16 hours of postpartum support, scheduled how it works best for you and your family.

Book a free consultation to see if we’re the right match for you.


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