Breastfeeding Support In Toronto

Breastfeeding Support

Baby Boob Camp Toronto

The first few days of breastfeeding or supplementing can be challenging for many mothers. Myself and team are here to support you and help smooth the bumps along the way. We are helping you so your feeds don’t hurt and are more efficient until you feel confident and secure with feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding package:

10 hours at 2 hours a day of feeding support the first 5 days postpartum. All breastfeeding support is done in the comfort of your home.

Investment to ensure your baby is eating and happy: $450

  • Our goal is to have you get started on the right foot for breastfeeding.
  • We will help prevent sore nipples.
  • We will ensure your baby is latching well.
  • Help you understand when your baby is hungry and how to understand when your baby is drinking effectively.
  • Educate you on milk supply and herbal remedies, tips and tricks.
  • Answer your questions about supplementation and pumping.
  • Soothe your worries about baby weight and are they getting enough.
  • Educate you on newborn poop and pee.
  • We will show you how to use your baby carriers safely.

Contact us to set up your breastfeeding support.