Baby wearing tips for safely carrying a newborn

Baby wearing: Tips for wearing your newborn safely

Baby wearing tips for safely carrying a newbornWearing your baby in a carrier is a wonderful way to bond with your newborn. It’s easy to have the use of both hands while cleaning, taking walks, working or playing with older siblings. Baby wearing is an excellent tool for calming a fussy baby and a great way for your partner to spend time with their little one.

Baby wearing tips for carrying your newborn safely:

    • Always check on the baby, over time their position can shift.
    • Ensure that the carrier is comfortable for you, all buckles and straps are intact and that the baby is snuggly buckled or wrapped close to your chest.
    • You should always be able to see the baby’s face and top of their head.
    • Keep the baby close to your heart in an upright position and chin not pressed into their chest and their head is secure.
    • Their legs should be in a frog or “M” position, knees higher than their bottoms and away from their tummies.
    • Be careful of how you pull the baby out of the sling.  Sometimes buckles, straps or wraps can catch on their legs.
    • Never leave a baby in a carrier alone.
    • If you’re going to wear a coat over the carrier, be mindful of how tight the coat is and the pressure on the newborn. There are various “babywearing” coats available.
    • Never cook or drink anything hot while wearing your baby.
    • Please read all instructions that come with your carrier.
    • Join a babywearing group to learn more about babywearing.
    • Be educated on the quality, and safety of your chosen carrier.

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